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Communications Committee

Chair: Rebecca Resnik, Psy.D.  [Contact]

Mission or Role of Committee: The Communications Committee's mission is two-fold: 1) to improve communication within MPA to increase member satisfaction and retention; and 2) to promote MPA and its services to its members, potential members, and to the public. The Committee is responsible for coordinating internal and external communications via print (Maryland Psychologist, brochures), electronic (website, InPSYder, MPANEWS, listserv), and social media (Facebook, Twitter).

Accomplishments this Past Year: (2014-15) This year our committee focused on generating non-dues revenue and increasing member sense of engagement. The committee assisted publishing The Maryland Psychologist (TMP) and monthly e-magazine, the InPsyder. The committee was either successful or partially successful in achieving the following goals, including: increasing classified advertisement revenue, adding a mini-classifieds listing for small to mid-size practices, creating an online store of MPA gear, improving the positive tone of the listserv, and publishing high-quality articles in TMP and the InPsyder.

Current Initiatives & Future Goals: The committee continues to work on the following goals: offering CE through TMP, offering a non-CE series of "business of practice" luncheons, creating social/networking events, generating non-dues revenue from the MPA gear store, and expanding the reach and accessibility of classified advertisements. Some of our goals are on hold until MPA can acquire a new website and general operating platform. With the new website, the committee will revisit the long-term goals of revamping the Referral Service and having appropriate banner ads on the website. The committee also has the goal of increasing website classified advertising revenue by targeting mid- to large-sized practices, related service providers, hospitals, and researchers seeking study participants.

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