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Diversity Committee

Chair: Jessica Floyd, Psy.D. [Contact]

Mission or role of committee: The mission of the Diversity Committee is to develop, support, and promote awareness and sensitivity of the diverse communities to which Maryland psychologists belong and serve.

Accomplishments this past year: (2014-15) We successfully sent a new Diversity Delegate for MPA to the APA State Leadership Conference. It was wonderful having her on the team. Additionally, our membership has grown to a usual 3-4 members per conference call. It is wonderful to have so many voices on the calls. As this is our first year as a full committee, we have been focusing on how we would like to see the committee function, what initiatives we want to put forth, and establishing duties for each member to accomplish to get those initiatives going.

Current initiatives: Currently we are working with the Educational Affairs Committee to put together a film and discussion series in Fall 2015. We are excited to participate and have many ideas for this. Additionally, we are looking at ways to use funding for next year to spearhead a few other initiatives, including a recognition of psychologists of diverse backgrounds for their efforts in supporting their diverse communities, akin to the Benjamin Banneker event several years ago. Also, we compiled several links to add to the MPA website; these will provide resources to members on various diversity issues, including LGBT, disability, and minority mental health.

Future goals: The future goals are the same as the above initiatives. As a young committee, we are beginning to establish a core membership and identify ideas and possibilities for completing these initiatives, as well as ways in which we can support all of MPA in its focus and appreciation of diversity in its work. We look forward to seeing these initiatives come to fruition.

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