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Educational Affairs Committee

Chair: Elizabeth Williams-Plunkett, Ph.D.  [Contact]
Continuing Education Coordinator Ann Cipro (

Role of Committee: Educational Affairs is responsible for planning the continuing education events through the Maryland Psychological Association Foundation.

Committee Mission Statement

  1. To coordinate opportunities for members (including non-member psychologists and clinicians in related professions) to earn continuing education credits towards maintaining licensure, as well as for: professional development, professional practice, and personal growth
  2. To promote awareness of research and best practice in psychology, encouraging psychologists to develop the skills and knowledge to provide effective treatments to a diverse population of clients
  3. To promote a culture of life-long learning, curiosity, and scholarship
  4. To contribute to the mission and sustainability of MPA and MPAF
  5. To collaborate with and support other MPA committees in their efforts to educate psychologists and clinicians
  6. To support development of professional relationships through our programming by offering opportunities for 'face to face' connection, networking, and exchange of ideas
  7. To improve Maryland psychologists' ability to offer ethical, compassionate care to the public

Accomplishments this past year: (2014-2015): In the past year, this hard-working committee has provided many workshops to enhance psychologists' skills and help them meet their licensing renewal requirements, including workshops on multiculturalism, ethics, and the WISC-V. We have also built an online presence of webinars and webcasts for CE, and have plans to expand these offerings, especially in specialty areas of multiculturalism. (Keep looking at the MPA website for CE offerings!)

Current initiatives: There are several wonderful conferences and workshops scheduled for the next membership year, including the Annual Convention (October 9), an Integrative Medicine Conference (November 6), Steven Feifer presenting on The Neuropsychology of Reading and Written Language Disorders (September 11), Robert Wicks presenting on the "Resilient Clinician" (September 25), and Christin Courtois presenting on trauma (May 13, 2016). EAC marketing is moving to be totally online.

Future goals: To continue to assess and meet MPA members' continuing education needs in a fiscally responsive way, including continued expansion of our online CE offerings.

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