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Medicare's PQRS: What is it? How do I do it?

Medicare developed the Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) to learn about health care practitioner practice patterns, influence practitioner behavior so they begin to measure and collect treatment data, and to improve patient outcomes. The program has been operating since 2007 but was revised in 2013 to move from a bonus-based system to a penalty-based system. Medicare providers who do not participate with PQRS will now experience payment penalties. The PQRS appears complicated but is rather easy to use once the program and its language is explained. This webcast provides an easy step by step guide to understanding and reporting the required measures.

This webcast is designed to help you:

  1. Obtain an overview of PQRS;
  2. Apply the PQRS measures used by psychologists;
  3. Develop an understanding regarding how the PQRS can improve patient treatment and outcomes;
  4. Prepare to report the measures using the CMS-1500 claims form.

Requirements for completion: This is considered home study for reporting purposes, and in order to get CE credit you must pass the post-test (75%) and submit a completed evaluation.

Temporarily unavailable. Check back in November for an updated version of this course!