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This online dues form is intended for renewing current memberships and reinstating memberships that have lapsed since September 2018. If you were not a member in 2017-2018, please use the member application form instead. MPAGS members - please use the student dues form.

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Your 2018-2019 Dues Assessment $    (What is my dues assessment?) Psychologist - licensed during 2018: $120
Psychologist - licensed during 2017: $195
Psychologist - licensed during 2016: $250
Psychologist - licensed during 2015: $300 - New!
Psychologist - licensed during or prior to 2014: $350
Psychologist - licensed and 68+: $235
Non-Licensed; Associate; or
            Non-Resident Affiliate: $235
Non-licensed and 68+: $125
Retired(now longer licensed): $55

(Please refer to the dues bill you received in the mail.)

Adjustments (if applicable)

Newly Age 68, licensed: $235

Newly Age 68, non-licensed: $125

Disabled, deduct full dues amount

Only Employment is Public/Academic Sector: -10%

Hardship Dues: $60 (Requirements for hardship dues) A hardship dues rate can be taken for 2 consecutive years only. This is privilege for members having financial difficulty due to illness, family difficulties, etc. Part time work is not eligible.

Send note explaining need to No public record of this reduced payment is kept. If applying for hardship dues rate beyond the second year, please contact the MPA office -

Newly Retired: $55

Non-Resident Affiliate: $235

Adjusted Dues Total: $
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(if applicable)


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Newly Retired


Legislative/Advocacy Contribution: $

PAC contribution: $

MPAF Public Education Contribution: $

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Installment Billing &
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If you select either of these options, you will be directed to a secure form to accept your credit card and billing information.

Auto-Renew: Please automatically charge my credit card to renew my dues each year until I direct otherwise.

Installment Fee: $5.00 (Until December 1, 2018)

Your card will be charged for three consecutive months for one third of the Total listed below by the MPA Staff. A $5.00 fee is applied for this service.

Reinstatement Fee

Reinstatement Fee: $40.00 (Applicable as of September 22, 2018)

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