About MPA


Founded in 1956, the Maryland Psychological Association (MPA) is the statewide Professional Membership Association for Maryland Psychologists. We are affiliated with the American Psychological Association. Our purpose is to support the psychologists in Maryland advancing the science and practice of psychology for the health and welfare of the public.

MPA is governed by its members through the Board of Directors, which consists of officers and representatives elected by the members and committee chairs appointed by MPA Executive Committee. The Board of Directors meets monthly from September - June to set policy for the Association. Members of the Board of Directors can be reached through the Association office. 

Our Commitment to Diversity

MPA values the many faces of diversity, including age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, disability, and religious/spiritual affiliation. We are committed to increasing our knowledge, professional competence, and appreciation of differences and similarities of diverse peoples in our roles as educators, practitioners, researchers, administrators, and policymakers. We actively encourage the participation of psychologists of diverse backgrounds in our organization's membership and leadership. Our value and knowledge of diversity guide our service to our membership, fellow professionals, and the community at large.

MPA's Commitment to Justice and Advocacy

The Maryland Psychological Association Board of Directors acknowledges the many colleagues who have been and/or have encountered clients, students, or colleagues who have been profoundly affected by the divisive events of the last several months in this country. The APA Code of Ethics states that we should work to, "minimize harm wherever it is unforeseeable and unavoidable". As psychologists, we not only advocate for the use of psychological science for the creation of policies that promote public good - particularly for those who, due to their identities, are disenfranchised and marginalized - but we do not stand idly by while science is misused or ignored to further marginalize disenfranchised groups. 

It is in this vein that MPA and the MPA Board recommit to our value of increasing knowledge, professional competence, and appreciation of all people, those of all races, ethnicities, genders, ages, education levels, languages, religions, nationalities, sexual orientations, levels of physical ability, and socio-economic statuses. We remain steadfast in our mission to advance psychology as a means of "...promoting human welfare," and are bound by professional ethics of integrity and justice. 

We are here to support you, our members, in your efforts to engage and address the stressors that have arisen. Coming together as a community and using our skills as clinicians and scholars to work towards engaging in constructive and respectful dialogue is essential at this time. In whatever way that you are participating in this mission, we thank you and we ask that you stay engaged with MPA in helping you further these values. Please let us know if there is anything that you need, and how we may best reaffirm our commitments to you and our community.


Veronica Rand, Executive Director – [email protected] 

Questions regarding the Legislative Committee, MPA PAC, and the MPA Board of Directors should be directed to Veronica.


Administrative Assistant – [email protected] 
Questions about dues, advertisements, listserv or changing contact information as well as general inquiries about MPA membership and Continuing Education should be directed to this address