Disability Income Insurance

11/5/21: Attn MPA members - The benefit below has expired. However, MPA is working with a new contact at Berkshire to establish a new agreement. 


The MPA Membership Committee is extremely pleased to announce a valuable new member benefit for MPA members: disability income insurance. We have partnered with Berkshire Life Insurance Company of America (a wholly owned stock subsidiary of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America) to offer you this coverage, which can provide you with a continuing income if sickness or injury should prevent you from working.

Individually purchased disability insurance provides an income to you, the practitioner, if you are unable to fulfill the material and substantial duties of your occupation. Benefits are usually paid after 90 days of the inability to work and are payable until the claim ends or until age 65. There are multiple riders available to be added to basic coverage, most importantly coverage that allows you to transition back into work and not have the benefits immediately truncate. Good Individual disability is guaranteed renewable, non-cancellable and the premiums and contract language don't change after the policy's original issue date. Protection of your hard-won income, and peace of mind.

As a member of MPA, this offer is made available to you with a permanent 10% premium Association discount(available on ProVider Plus policy form 1400 and Overhead expense policy forms 4100 and 4200).

It was only after careful consideration of the feature-rich disability income protection that MPA decided to partner with Berkshire Life to offer this benefit. We urge you to find out more about taking advantage of this opportunity to help you protect your income.

In addition to disability insurance, additional protection is on offer for:

Long term care insurance, for you and your eligible family members at 5% member discount. Long Term Care pays for private nursing in home or at a facility if you or your family member cannot perform 2 of 6 activities of daily living (toileting, transferring, feeding, transporting, bathing, or continence).

Life Insurance - all types, permanent, term or hybrid, from all carriers.

Financial Planning and Estate Planning - with planning fee waived! Help build a strategy rather than an accumulation of tactics, with a focus on maximizing efficient use of wealth/income vs. the reliance on risk-oriented investments to provide unreliable outcomes. Watch for future workshops on these issues at MPA - whether you are a newly-licensed psychologist, or preparing for retirement - there will be information tailored just for you.


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