Ethics Committee

2020-2021 End of Year Ethics Committee Report 


Chair: Cindy Ward Sandler, Ph.D.

Assistant Chair: Mary Colleen Byrne, Ph.D.

Members: Jennifer Bakalar, Ph.D., Ethan Bliss, Ph.D., Michael Heitt, Psy.D., Tonya Lockwood, Psy.D., Jason Moehringer, Psy.D., Catherine Smithmyer, Ph.D., Teresa Trabue, Psy.D., LaShaun Williams, Psy.D

Role of Committee: To provide consultations for MPA members regarding ethical aspects of professional decision-making.  


Accomplishments This Past Year:

1. Provided 3-hour CE workshop on ethical decision-making to members and nonmembers via Essential Requirements Conference.

2. To date, 32 calls were handled from June 2020 to June 2021. 

3. Welcomed 4 new members to the committee and held an orientation.

4. Provided committee members with ongoing education and guidelines concerning the committee’s responsibilities, procedures, ethical decision-making model, APA guidelines, and applicable state regulations.

5. Provided written articles for the quarterly magazine, The Maryland Psychologist (TMP).


Current Initiatives:

1. Contribute articles for TMP about relevant issues.

2. Continue to respond to member ethic inquiries

3. Conduct a joint session with the Diversity Committee at the Essential Requirements Conference.


Future Goals:

1. Post TMP articles written by the committee on the website under Ethics 

2. Assess the appropriateness of the info under the Ethics section on the website that is Risk Management questions. Determine if the items need to be placed under a legal section.

3. Develop the Ethics section on the website.