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Thank you for your support and celebrating PSYPACT with MPA

Thank you to everyone who attended our PSYPACT celebration on Sunday, August 22. While the weather prevented an outdoor event, we were able to maintain a socially distant celebration as we raised a glass to our members and colleagues who made this victory possible. Thanks to your support, we raised over $5,000 for MPA PAC which played a large role in bringing PSYPACT to Maryland by supporting our legislative champions in Annapolis. Congratulations MPA!


MPA Legislative Update


Those interested in joining PSYPAC begin applying to the program. Anyone who completed the application  to PSYPACT and was denied because Maryland were not a PSYPACT state at the time of your application: be patient. PSYPACT will be reversing those denials without you having to do anything, they are in process now.  If you are qualified, you will be approved.

If anyone has already applied and been accepted in to PSYPACT through another state, i.e., Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, etc. you don't need to reapply to assign Maryland as your home state.  You go to the PSYPACT portal, which you should be familiar with and change your home state to Maryland and you can practice out of Maryland into another PSYPACT state.  If you then go back to say Virginia the next day, you reverse the process.  In other words once you are approved by PSYPACT you can change your home state as needed via their internet portal.  Please note that this means you have to be licensed in each state you identify as a home state.  For folks already PSYPACT approved, you can start practicing from Maryland under PSYPACT today. .well maybe tomorrow after you change your home state. .

Here is a link to the PSYPACT website that will help get you started on the application process as it provides answers to the most commonly ask questions:

Lastly keep your eyes and ears open, MPA will be putting more information out as we receive it and holding workshops, if there is an interest to provide you our members with the ability to take advantage of this opportunity.  We are on our way into the 21st Century.  "To infinity and Beyond."

5/18/21: Governor Hogan signs HB 970 into law. PSYPACT is heading to Maryland! A big thanks to MPA member Dr. Cheryl Rubenstein for helping to secure the picture of the bill signing.


To everyone who wrote an email, responded to our action alerts, called their legislator, testified on behalf of PSYPACT...


4/6/21: SB 500 has cleared the Senate with the same Emergency Legislative designation as HB 970. The bill is headed to Governor Hogan for his signature.

4/1/21: HB 970 has cleared the Senate and is on its way to Governor Hogan for his signature.

3/18/21: HB 970 passed out of the House of Delegates! Now, it will go to the Senate for review and vote.

3/16/21: SB 500 passes out of the State Senate. Now, it will go the House of Delegates for review and vote.

3/11/21: PSYPACT passed out of the Health and Government Operations subcommittee today UNANIMOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!  It was also amended to be Emergency Legislation, which means as soon as it is signed into law it goes into effect. Most laws take effect October 1 of the year in which they are passed.

3/5/21: The Senate Education, Health and Environment Committee favorably reported SB 500 out of committee by a unanimous 10-0 vote! The bill is expected to receive a vote on the Senate Floor next week. Please ask your Senator to support SB 500 through our Action Alert.

2/25/21: House Health and Government Operations Committee Hearing on HB 970

2/16/21: Senate Education, Health and Environment Committee Hearing on SB 500

2/5/21: PSYPACT has been introduced in the Maryland State House. The bill number is HB 970 (PSYPACT).

1/21/21: The PSYPACT bill has been introduced in the Maryland State Senate. The bill number is SB 500 (PSYPACT


Legislators to contact

The legislators below serve on the jurisdictional committees in the Maryland General Assembly that will take up PSYPACT when the bill is officially introduced. MPA is asking members to contact these legislators and encourage them to support PSYPACT. With your help, we can get PSYPACT approved in Maryland!

Take action on PSYPACT - MPA's Action Alert on PSYPACT. Click the link to send a message to your legislator(s) asking them to support SB 500 and HB 970.

How to find your legislator in the Maryland General Assembly (link)  - Under Find My Representative, Click "Look up". Then write your address and zip code and click "Find". This will pull a list of your local representatives.

Sample letter to your legislator (link) - This is a sample letter on PSYPACT you can use in communicating with your legislator.

Legislator Contact Form (link) - Once you contact your legislator(s), use this form to provide any feedback to MPA.