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Time to Renew Your Membership

Keep your membership active and avoid losing member benefits! 2014-2015 memberships expired 8/31, and we are now in the grace period before members are dropped. Members can renew their membership online, or via mail or fax. Not a member? Join today!

Register for Convention by 9/30

MPA Annual Convention in Annapolis will be October 9, 2015! See the Convention page for details and register today!

Statement from the MPA Board of Directors regarding APA and the Hoffman report

MPA members: As we continue to monitor the aftermath of the Hoffman report, please check out the members-only section for additional information released over the last few days.

The Board of Directors of MPA, like most MPA members, is deeply concerned about the Hoffman report regarding the APA's involvement in the U.S. torture program. As this is an extraordinarily important and complicated issue, MPA does not want to comment based solely on an emotional response, but rather on a clear understanding of the facts. Towards that goal, MPA's Board of Directors is in the process of reviewing the entire 500+ page Hoffman report and APA's response so we can have an informed discussion about the issue.

We encourage all MPA members to fully acquaint themselves with the Hoffman report and the APA's response to that report (as well as ongoing updates from APA). The APA has indicated that as a result of the findings from the independent review, there will be significant changes in the organization, in terms of both policies and procedures. MPA wishes to support its members who may also belong to APA in understanding and coping with this disturbing news in a thoughtful manner. The MPA Board will continue to review available information and monitor this situation.

The MPA Board invites its members to continue an open and respectful discussion of the issues surrounding the Hoffman report. We hope that with an open discussion you, our members, can come to a resolution about how to best manage your relationship with the APA and the profession that we all love.

Questions on the matter may be directed to MPA Executive Director Stefanie J. Reeves at

New Uniform Treatment Plan Effective May 11

After much effort and cooperative interdisciplinary input, a final UTP was achieved. It was published on in the May 1, 2015 in the Maryland Register, and became effective May 11, 2015. You can download a copy of the new UTP here.

License Review Course - Maryland State Portion

MPA is pleased to offer an online self-study review course entirely devoted to assisting those preparing to take the Maryland portion of the licensing exam. This is an ongoing access format that allows registrants to self pace their studies for the exam. Emphasis will be placed on the Maryland Licensure Law, the Maryland Code of Ethics for licensed psychologists, and exam technique. Learn more and register!

Medicare Recredentialing Process

Some individuals who have been working with Medicare for years are still being asked to get copies of their graduate school transcripts and send them on to Novitas (the Medicare provider in the Maryland area). Members can access an explanation of this issue in the Practice Resources section.

Upcoming CE