Become a Corporate Partner of the Maryland Psychological Association

We're facing an unprecedented mental health crisis. Demand for services has increased at a time where many areas lack mental health providers. As an organization committed to mental health, MPA needs your help to address the access issues we face here in the state. Our primary needs are:

1. Bolstering our online psychologist referral service to provide psychologists across the state. 

2. Training and support for current and emerging psychologists. 

By becoming a corporate partner of MPA, you can provide the support we need to make sure all Marylanders receive the mental health services they need. MPA is a 501c6 membership association representing over 1,000 licensed psychologists and other mental health practitoners. MPA has a 501c3 Foundation that supports the education and leadership development of current and emerging leaders in psychology as well as outreach to the public. 


2022 Event Sponsorship Opportunities

MPA Leadership Development Academy - Ongoing

In January 2022, MPA launched the inaugural class of our Leadership Development Academy. 


Pre-ERC in person event - Wednesday March 9, 2022


Essential Requirements Conference – March 10-11, 2022

This annual event provided Maryland Licensed Psychologists their best opportunity to earn their required continuing education in ethics, diversity and supervision (if applicable) before the license renewal deadline of March 31. 


The Business of Practice (Virtual) - March 25, 2022


MPA Annual Convention – November 2022


MPA also offers digital advertising opportunities on a number of different platforms including the MPA website.  


Interested in learning more? MPA can customize a package based on your goals. Contact MPA at [email protected].