Ethics Committee


ChairLaShaun Williams, Psy.D

Members: Jennifer Bakalar, Ph.D., Jody Bleiberg Ph.D.,  Michael Heitt, Psy.D., Cara Jacobson, Psy.D., Tonya Lockwood, Psy.D., Cindy Sandler, Ph.D. and Teresa Trabue, Psy.D.

Role of Committee: To provide consultations for MPA members regarding ethical aspects of professional decision-making.  

Ethics Committee Consultations

The MPA Ethics Committee offers free consultations to MPA members. Please call the office at 410-992-4258 to be put in touch with the ethics committee member on call. 

Questions frequently asked of the ethics committee, including information about reporting, subpoenas, records, wills, and fees are posted in Risk Management FAQs.