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PSYPACT Application Process

Link to the PSYPACT E. Passport (telehealth) application

Link to temporary in-person practice through PSYPACT

Link to PSYPACT application/practice FAQs

Missed our June 28 PSYPACT webinar with Paul Berman and PSYPACT Executive Director Janet Orwig? Here's the link to the video

From Paul Berman

Janet Orwig, Executive Director of PSYPACT, provided me with some additional information she asked me to post on our listserve regarding the PSYPACT application process. These issues were discussed during the June workshop, but she asked that I post the following to clarify some answers provided during the workshop.

  1. PSYPACT applications require that the graduate school transcript be sent directly by the university to PSYPACT by mail or email.
    1. Email address: [email protected]
    2. USPS snail mail address: P. O. Box 849 Tyrone, GA 30290 is the mailing address.


  1. The Educational Section for the application requests more information than is necessary (the other sections are required for other applications at ASPPB, but not required for the E.Passport or IPC). The following only need to be completed in this section:
    1. Institution Name
    2. City
    3. State/Province
    4. Department
    5. Program of Study
    6. Degree
    7. Date Degree Conferred


  1. Also, please note: the Verification of the Program section located at the bottom of the Education Section does not need to be completed (any necessary verifications will be done by PSYPACT).