Parallel Transitions: Understanding Complexities in Treating Transgender and Gender-Diverse Youth and Their Families 

Recorded on 3/10/2022

 This workshop meets the MD Licensing Requirement for Cultural Diversity

Ray Stirba Moneypenny, LCSW-C and Jessica R. Rothstein, Psy.D.

 Workshop Instructional Level: Intermediate

It is highly recommended that prior to taking this workshop, participants have read the following:

Requirements for completion: This is considered a home-study course for reporting purposes, and in order to get CE credit you must pass the post-test (75%) and submit a completed evaluation. You will receive your CE certificate via email 7-10 business days after course completion.

When a youth undergoes a gender transition the family goes through transition as well. Working with these families requires patience, timing, and empathy. Frequent assessment of the youth and family’s functioning is needed to: proactively manage crises, celebrate successes, and help keep families together. Case examples and discussion-based learning will be used. After completing this course, clinicians will be better equipped to navigate challenging family dynamics that might hinder a youth from receiving medically necessary treatment. In addition, the presenters will discuss aspects of their own identity and the influence of these factors on the work. Guided examples will be provided to encourage participants in doing this necessary reflection.

 At the end of this workshop, attendees will be able to 

  • When working with parents, learn how to foster an awareness of cisgender privilege in order to develop empathy for their youth's experiences. 
  • When working with youth, help them be vulnerable with their family about their experiences of gender ("coming in") 
  • Examine countertransference, internalize transphobia and a clinician's own gender identity which might influence effectiveness. 
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Ray Stirba Moneypenny, LCSW-C (they/them) is a Queer- and trans-identified clinician with a passion for providing affirming care to LGBTQ+ adolescents and adults navigating gender transition or coming to terms with their sexuality. Ray has years of experience in many modalities of trauma-informed care and strives to integrate experiences in the queer community with the latest research and development of clinical work and process. Ray is a Consultant for Collaborative Pathways Counseling and Consulting, LLC and as of March 2022 they will see therapy patients at the practice.

Ray's clinical background is primarily in working with survivors of trauma, individuals managing diagnoses of anxiety and depression, LGBTQI+ adults, teens, and their families, and individuals and couples navigating alternative lifestyles such as BDSM and non-monogamy. Ray has a variety of experiences as an educator, including as a secondary mathematics teacher, training other clinicians in trauma-informed and LGBTQ-affirming care, and providing sex-positive psychoeducation to adults.


Jessica R. Rothstein, Psy.D. (she/her) is the owner of Collaborative Pathways Counseling and Consulting, LLC. As a white, Cisgender female, she is dedicated to operating from a culturally humble perspective. She is well known for her work with transgender individuals, and their family members, and regularly conducts Gender Affirming Surgery assessments. She treats individuals ages 14-65 years old and provides couples and family therapy. From a clinical standpoint, she aims to provide patients an environment where they are seen as a whole, and can learn to identify their strengths, along with the aspects of self they seek to change.

Dr. Rothstein is a graduate of Loyola University in Maryland, earning her Master’s degree in 2006 and her Doctorate in 2009. She has advanced training in clinical supervision. Along with LGBTQ affirming care, she is passionate about ethics, self-care, and insurance-based practice. She is frequently asked to offer consultation and training on these topics.