Treating OCD in Children and Adolescents: Complex Presentations

  Prerecorded webinar originally presented November 2, 2020

Sarah Crawley. Ph.D.

 3 CE credits 
$80/MPA Members $130/Non Members

Workshop Instructional Level: Advanced

This workshop is for practitioners who have basic knowledge of the principles of treating OCD with exposure and response prevention therapy. Participants will learn how to identify complex clinical presentations and adapt treatment to maximize outcomes in these populations.

  At the end of this workshop, attendees will be able to  
  • Identify complex presentations of OCD
  • Incorporate evidence-based methodologies which maximize treatment outcomes
  • Strategize the use of adjunctive therapeutic techniques for patients who are not successful with traditional treatments

Sarah Crawley, Ph.D. is Co-Director of the Anxiety and Stress Disorders Institute in Maryland. She has extensive graduate and post-graduate training and experience in treating anxiety disorders and OCD in childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood.