Communications Committee

2020-2021 Year-End Report

Communications Committee Chair: Robyn P. Waxman, Ph.D. Co-Chair: Brian Corrado, Psy.D. MPA Staff Liaisons: Stefanie Reeves, Jasmine Middleton

Role of Committee: To communicate with members of the Maryland Psychological Association via four annual issues of The Maryland Psychologist (TMP) Committee

Mission Statement 1. Provide a platform for the new Executive Board members to introduce themselves to MPA members 2. Provide overview of the work being done by various committees in order to offer opportunities for active participation in the Maryland Psychological Association by its members. 3. To publish topic-driven issues of the TMP based on current events and members’ interests that contribute to the professional development, professional practice, and personal growth 4. To promote awareness of research and best practice in psychology; to encourage psychologists to stay current in their skills and knowledge in order to provide effective treatments to a diverse population of clients 5. To promote a culture of life-long learning, curiosity, and scholarship 6. To contribute to the mission and sustainability of MPA through advertising revenue.

Accomplishments This Past Year: The committee published four (4) issues of the TMP 1. Fall TMP: • Introduce New Board Members and provide them a platform to share their visions for the 2019-2020 year • Introduce the various committees, their accomplishments, and goals, in order to promote the benefits of MPA and encourage members to participate in MPA in a variety of ways. 2. Winter TMP: • Guest Contributing Editor collaboration on topic of Youth, Prison and Trauma. Included articles written by clinicians who are currently working in the field and have an intimate knowledge of the obstacles they face. • Reviewed wide ranging impact of trauma on underserved youth, specifically those youth who are incarcerated. 3. Spring TMP: • Review of the successful passage of PsyPact in Maryland. • Addressed clinicians’ perspectives of their telehealth experiences over the past year. • COVID Updates/Resources 4. Summer TMP: • Review of the goals and work completed by each committee • Updated COVID-19 resources • The Committee contributed to the content and direction of the MPA InPSYder and continued to provide the most up-to-date COVID resources in real time.

Current Initiatives and Future Goals: • Streamline the publication process of the TMP to continue to meet deadlines in a timely manner, with the goal of planning issues of the TMP in advance. • Define the role of Guest Editor for the TMP and invite 1-2 individuals to collaborate as Guest Editors • Draft a policy regarding requests for MPA members’ email addresses • Continue updating the MPA website for increased accuracy and utility • Develop process that encourages committees to provide up-to-date content for the MPA website • Assess how MPA might contribute to legislation impacting mental health and Maryland residents. Because our Legislative committee has developed significant relationships with Maryland legislators, explore how we can continue to have a meaningful impact.